Hair Fall - Top 10 Reasons and One Solution

Hair Fall - Top 10 Reasons and One Solution


 Hair Fall - Top 10 Reasons and One Solution

Beautiful hair is the epitome of beauty. Just like your skin, your hair also needs pampering and attention. Once you start ignoring them, they either start to fall off or turn dry and damaged. And trust us, when your hair starts to fall off it becomes difficult to control the damage. You may have feared baldness at least once in a lifetime! But do you know by overthinking, you are making things worse? Are you still figuring what is the reason for your hair loss? There are tons of reasons for hair fall, some of the major ones are listed down below.

1. Deficiency of Vitamins and proteins

As your body ages, many vitamins and proteins start depleting and you become deficient. They are either refueled by supplements or through diet. Vitamin E is especially for hair growth. Vitamin E supplements are very supportive against hair fall. However, they cannot be equivalent to hair oils.

2. Pregnancy and post-partum
During pregnancy, your body’s nutritional demands increase. It is because nutrition is needed by the fetus as well. The required nutrients become scarce in quantity and so it might affect the hair.
As a consequence, it causes hair fall. Secondly, during post-Partum, the hair falls excessively because of lactation. However, if you start using promise hair oil you will notice some great changes in your condition.

3 Stress
Stress, anxiety, and other mental conditions often provoke hair fall. You might even start stressing out about the hair fall as well, so the situation might become difficult to handle. Hair oils consisting of coconut, avocado, and black seed oil are great in preventing hair fall collectively.

4. Aging
Aging is one of the prime reasons for hair fall. As you grow older many things start to impact your skin and hair. The profound cause of the fragility of the hair in older years of life is because of the scalp changes. Nevertheless, Promirose hair growth oil can be your sole survivor in this case.

5. Serious illness
Certain life-threatening diseases like tumors and cancers often have very severe treatments. Chemotherapy and radiotherapy are responsible for hair loss to such an extent that they lead to baldness.

6. Side effects of medicines
Certain medications and therapeutic agents often result in hair loss as a side effect. It can be reversed by using a product that can promote new hair follicles and the growth of hair such a Promirose hair oil.

7. Hormonal disturbances
Hyperthyroidism, Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOs), Cushing’s disease are some hormonal diseases that hair loss as their prime symptoms.

8. Use of hair chair chemicals
If you get your hair color-treated often then it is very likely that the harsh chemicals present in the dyes like Ammonia lead to excessive hair damage. As a consequence leading to hair fall.

9. Use of hair styling tools and chemicals
Hair straightening iron, metal tongs, rollers, styling gels, creams, or any other hair products are the worst enemies of your hair. They wear off the outer layer known as keratin of your hair. In addition to this, they evade off moisture and make the hair appear dry and damaged. Using a hair care product like Promirose can prevent your hair from such damage.

10. Over covering of hair
People who constantly wear scarves or helmets often end up having damaged hair prone to hair fall. Your scalp does not get an adequate amount of oxygen and blood supply. Secondly due to covering the excessive amount of sebum is produced within the hair. As a result, dandruff starts to appear on your scalp. You need a hair oil will multiple ingredients like Promirose if you are tired of dandruff and itchy scalp.

Why Choose the Promirose Hair Growth Oil over any other?
It is better to get your hands on something natural and organic like Promirose Hair Growth Oil which consists of natural herbs. Every ingredient has prime benefits for your hair. light on the hair not make your hair greasy ,easy apply it and go no need to wash your hair.

Active ingredients:
Black seed oil, Black Jamaican castor oil, Coconut oil, Sunflower oil Ylang ylang essential oil, Lavender oil, Thyme, Avocado oil, Abyssinian oil, Rose Mary essential oil, Lavender Oil, and Vitamin E, grape seed oil.

Prevention from hair fall
The infusion of grape seed oil, Vitamin E along with black Jamaican hair oil prevent the hair from falling off by increasing blood flow to the scalp. They all restore the hair’s moisture

Clears off dandruff
Dandruff occurs as a result of excessive sebum production on the scalp. It appears as white flakes and dots. It also makes the hair look greasy. However, the traces of Black seed oil limit the sebum production and clear off dandruff.

Adds shine and luster
Sunflower oil and coconut oil in combination add luster and shine to your hair. The shine on your hair will reflect the natural light.

Promote new hair growth and prevent thinning
The blend of Thyme oil, Avocado, Ylang Ylang essential oil, and rosemary oil increases blood circulation to the scalp and strengthens the hair follicles. Their contribution can also help you grow new hair and give them a thick look.

Detangles and softens your hair
If you are tired of dry, frizzy hair that tangle every time then know that Promirose hair growth oil also has Abyssinian oil that detangles the hair and makes them easy to manage. You will get the sleek and soft hair you always wished for.

Has a light and natural fragrance
Promirose hair oil has a very light and natural smell. For sure, it won’t bother you and the people around you.

Antibacterial and prevents itching
Another prime benefit of lavender oil is that it also prevents itching of the scalp because of its antibacterial properties.


Final verdict:
The Promirose hair oil is a holy grail for the hair. It will restore the long-lost nourishment and quality of the hair when used religiously with consistency. The best thing about this infusion of hair oil is that is completely organic and has no side effects nor is it hard on the scalp. Grab your Promirose hair oil from now and rescue your hair before it’s too late.

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