Our Story


Zahraa Founder and the Owner of PROMIROSE brand  is a wife and a mom of four boys. Zahraa put her passion for natural hair care, healthy scalp care, natural and safe ingredients well as high-quality products that benefit the community that it serves!


 Her duty as a wife and mom didn’t let her forget taking care of her hair beauty using natural ingredients.

 NO MORE SECRET! , as always she received this question what is your hair care secret? zahraa (zozo) always goes for natural alternatives to take care of her hair, she was happy for the results getting from natural oils but she doesn’t like the texture of the greasy and heavy oils also the strong smell of the oils. making applying the oils a difficult job.

So this leads her to create PROMIROSE hair growth oil, lightweight on the hair with a nice smell and can use it daily with no need to wash the hair, just apply it and go. Zahraa (zozo) believes that each woman deserves to treat as she is the one and only, every one is unique and deserves the best.

PROMIROSE brand focuses on high quality, and natural ingredients made in the USA under Professional hands.